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Some things for you to think about if you don't have a valid will:


Who is going to bring up your children if you are not around anymore?


How do I appoint a legal guardian?


Unmarried parents - If the mother and father aren't married and the mother dies, the father would not automatically have responsibility for the children. It is important that the mother formally grants parental rights to the father. This can be done using a will.


Do you understand the rules of intestacy?

Making A Will


Call Howarth Financial to discuss your requirements and we can run through what you need to think about and how to go about preparing a suitable will for your circumstances. It doesn't need to be complicated. If you are looking for a simple low cost will we can point you in the right direction or even get this arranged for you.

Some aspects of Inheritance Tax Planning and Will Writing are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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